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 Drawings (artwork) by Olly




Second drawing by Olly: The smell of victory lurks in the air like a strong scent of paint. Even
though we didn't see the wining shot, her facial statement tells it all.
Her focused eyes beaming into the distance like a predator ready to catch it's prey. The darkness of her cheek bones shows she is not one with the crowd. No rosy cheeks to suggest guilt, she will do anything to win this match!
Her fist like a hammer ready to crush the opposition. She means business with no regrets. The Head racket in her other hand clearly shown to represent the way tennis has influenced her life.
Her shirt and skirt tightly fitted to show how much pressure she is under deep down inside. But the determination on her face shows very clearly like a moonlight sky. Her hair very complicated and uneven. is this to show how unpredictability on the court?




This great drawing and description by Oliver Miners.
      Her hair like fire dancing in the night. Dark and mysterious flowing from her head. The organised hair lines on her forehead gives us an impression of maturity. But deep inside her heart she is more determined than anyone is in the arena.
       Expressing no emotion on the court shown by her dark fixed eyes on the ball. The dark facial features on her face tell it all. The flicker of an eyebrow and an endless tunnel in her mouth. She in her own world now.
        The forward stance perfectly executed like a jungle cat ready to
launch a attack,noone can stop her now.
       Straining her Fila shirt, any moment now it will rip in two. Her hand griping the racket with a sense of victory looming in the air. Who could stop her now?

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