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My name is Ljubisa Bojic and I manage this web page together with virtual team members. However, all funs have build this web site and have contributed to be what it is- one of the biggest news provider. But more important is great friendships made here. All people are welcome to express their opinions concerning Jelena's game and tennis. Funs coming from all parts of the world, in different ages, doing different jobs are all connected together through the love of tennis. We are all fans of young Yugoslav tennis player Jelena Dokic. 

You can contact the virtual team for suggestions about web page, new ideas, volunteer work, and money contributions. This is non-profit web page and all money contributions will serve only to make this page better and to make tennis popular in Yugoslavia and abroad. 

Currently, we don't have money for quality message board services, funs gathering, parties, celebrations, lucky games, and quality coverage of tennis games. The lucky games would provide our fans free tickets for tennis matches. Quality coverage of tennis games requires money for air tickets. You can contact the virtual team by using my e-mail or telephone. virtual team 

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ICQ not available right now


A a present I am in Hong Kong and you can contact me by my mobile phone written down there. Frequently, I travel between three town around the globe: 


Yugoslavia (mobile phone- 064 1528389) 

Hong Kong (mobile phone- 90479476)

New York (mobile phone not available right now)


NOTE: Some audio visual materials taken from several sources are not copyrighted to If you see some staff which you do not want posted due to copyright reasons than please contact me and I shall take it down ASAP. 

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