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Jelena Dokic Interview - Day 7
Monday, July 2, 2001

    L. DAVENPORT/J. Dokic
    7-5, 6-4

    Q. Do you think that was an opportunity missed today?

    JELENA DOKIC: Definitely. You know, I don't think -- you know, it was 5 and 4, but I don't think -- it was a lot closer than that. I think, you know, a few opportunities there would have changed the whole match. You know, I think I was just unlucky on the big points, and I didn't play the big points well. And that's where I lost the match.

    Q. Do you think that perhaps the serve was the big difference between the two of you, her serve stood up better?

    JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, you know, in the two previous matches we played, I think I served a lot better than I did in either of them. I hoped my service game was a little better this time. But I did, especially on the big points, I really had trouble with the serve. You know, when I did have breakpoints, she hit really, you know, big serves. You know, like 30-Alls and deuces. So that made a bit of a difference. You know, I had some breakpoints that I, you know, should have converted a lot more of.

    Q. Do you see yourself ever trying a few volleys? Obviously that's what a lot of people look for in their game is a volley, you didn't try one today. Do you think there will come a time when you will try to bring that into your game?

    JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. It's a little hard against Lindsay, when she hits the ball so hard. It's hard to come in when 90% of the time you're at the back of the court. So it's very hard to do that. You know, I've done it in my previous matches, but it's very difficult when you play her, especially when I'm returning because I'm never in, you know -- I'm never controlling the point really.

    Q. Do you think that you moved Lindsay around the court as much as you would have liked to today? She's not the most mobile opponent.

    JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, again that comes to something like -- it was one of my plans. And as soon as I did move her around, I had a lot more, you know, opportunities to win the points. But, again, it's very hard because she was dictating so much, especially on her serve. You know, when she -- she gets a lot of free points on her serves and a lot of short replies. That's where she hurts you. That's what she's good at.

    Q. Do you feel that that was the best Jelena out there today?

    JELENA DOKIC: Probably not. I think I would have liked to have played a bit better, especially I had some, you know, unforced errors there that I could have cut out. But also, you know, it didn't come down, I don't think, to who played better; I think it was who played better on the bigger points. You know, I had a break in that first set, and I didn't hold my serve. I just rushed. I think that was a big mistakes right there. That's probably where I lost the match, too.

    Q. You rushed, you say?


    Q. I guess Wimbledon is always a special place for you, having knocked out Hingis in the first round. Have you changed your mind about Wimbledon this year?

    JELENA DOKIC: No, definitely not. You know, I got to the fourth round again. You know, I got to the last 16. Again, I'm, you know -- again, I'm up there. And I think out of any of the matches -- I had a pretty tough draw, to play Lindsay in the fourth round. There were some very, you know, open sections of the draw. More than half the matches, you know, where they didn't have to face someone like Lindsay or Venus. And that's just unlucky. You know, I think if I would have played a lot of the other fourth rounds, if I was anywhere in there, I would have had probably a little bit more of a chance. I think Lindsay's always hard to play against on grass, and she's done very well here, every time she plays. Again, it just comes down to, you know, a tough section of the draw there.

    Q. Martina Hingis's form has dropped away substantially in the last year and a half since players like Venus and Serena and Lindsay Davenport - who are huge girls really compared to some of the other players . Do you sometimes feel it's always going to be very tough for people of your size to beat people of their size?

    JELENA DOKIC: Not necessarily. I think Martina was beating them all while she was in form. You know, she has dropped off a little bit. You know, I'm sure that she'll bounce back.

    But, you know, they always have an advantage over you. I think it's very hard to play someone, especially on the serve. You know, they're just overpowering. Especially if they're in form, it's very hard to beat someone like that.

    Q. Do you find that the pressures, off-court distractions, are greater at Wimbledon for yourself than anywhere else?

    JELENA DOKIC: Not really, no. I think, you know, I've always done well here. I don't put any pressure on myself. I always feel confident when I get on the court, especially here. I've always done well. You know, every year that I've lost, I've lost to someone that's gone far in the tournament, and someone that's been playing well in the tournament.

    Q. Who do you expect to go on and win now?

    JELENA DOKIC: You know, I think the top half's very open. I don't know. I think probably the favourites, they're up there. I mean, it's very hard to say who is going to win between Serena and Jennifer. But the bottom half, you know, I think Lindsay's playing very well right now. I would expect her to get to the semis. But you never know. And then she might have to face Venus. Again, that's very tough. And you'd probably want those two players to be in separate halves. It's very hard to say. I think everyone's in form right now. You know, I think it's just a matter of what happens on the day.

    Q. Was your transport okay this morning?

    JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, it was fine.

    Q. You weren't sort of waiting?


    Q. You had a nice mixed doubles come-from-behind win yesterday. Seemed like you were having a lot of fun. In any way is it fun to play with a partner who has also, like yourself and your family, gone up against the establishment?

    JELENA DOKIC: You know, I don't think we look at it that way. I think it's the first time that we've played together. You know, he's very fun to play with, and very enjoyable. You know, we don't think about that. We don't talk about that. It's something that players definitely don't discuss. It's something that's not on our minds. I think especially when it comes to mixed doubles, you just go out there. It's just something to, you know, try out different things and just go out there and have fun. It's a lot more enjoyable than singles.

    Q. You looked upset about some possible long serves, crucial points. You said that she got away with big serving on crucial breakpoints, but you looked as if you thought they were out. Some of us thought they looked long.

    JELENA DOKIC: I mean, you're never sure about that. It's not clay, so it's very hard to see. I mean, I would have liked to see the replays. But, you know, she argued a few, and so did I. Maybe they were long, maybe they weren't. I felt like they were at the time. I don't know. Maybe they were. I don't know. It's very hard to say on grass. I felt like they were. And, you know, she did get away with some of them. But, you know...

    Q. Do you think it's possible that that particular lines person is weary of calling a ball out without the beep going if it's near the zone, a bit of inhibition?

    JELENA DOKIC: I think he's always going to go with the Cyclops. I think that's what it's there for. I don't think he's ever going to overrule a close call, he's just going to go to the machine. It's just a matter of, you know, the call that he makes at the time, whatever he feels comfortable.
    I'm sure the chair umpire won't overrule either on a surface like this.

Interview with Jelena Dokic (18 October 2001)

Was it a tough match?

Yea but I played her six months ago so that was also tough, and Iíve been here for a few days, and not to play till the last day thatís possible is tough, but you know, itís something you have to deal with, and now that itís over and done with, Iím happy.

(Inaudible question)

I think when she started complaining a little bit, I think that was just concentration. I donít think it was my serve really, I had two or three points for 4-1, and then I was two breaks down, 4-3 and a break down again like I was in the first, so itís just I think mental more than anything.

Are you happy with your year?

Yea I am pretty happy with the way it has gone. My goal wasnít to be in the top ten this year, but thatís where I am right now, and you know, to win as many tournaments as I have also wasnít my goal, but the year has been really good for me and I have had really good results on all sorts of surfaces.

How did you find the surface here?

A little slow I think. The other indoor tournaments that weíve been playing at I think were a lot quicker than this one was, but you know, itís something Iíve gotten used to and I think it suits my game.


Jelena Dokic strikes toward top of the world (from Vecernje Novosti daily newspaper)

Tennis racquet goes along beauty

10th world tennis player went modeling and she makes advertisements for everything, from clothes to perfumes. She does not travel only two months in year. She does not have time for love. Next moth she will come to Yugoslavia again.

In ancient mythology of Greece beautiful Jelena, daughter of Zevs and Lada, sister of Kastor and Poluks, was meaning of beauty. According to the legend Jelena was reason for Trojan war because she was kidnapped from her husband Menolajus by Paris who was son of Trojaís king Prijam.

Yugoslavia is rich with Jelenaís and her greatest flower is Jelena Dokic. She is 10th tennis player of the world who is attracting people with her game and beauty. But holding racquet in hands, making serves and hitting ball is not easy. For that achievement power is required and power is destroying feminine. Does Jelena agree with that?

I have not thought about that. Tennis is sport. I think that we are all feminine.

There are rumors that you walked fashion runway?

It is correct. That goes with tennis. I made advertisement for everything from clothes to perfumes. All tennis players so that and it is not bad for game.

You become adult 12th April current year. You are already in top ten. How do you feel fame?

I did not get to the world of tennis overnight. It was more like going from one step to another, so I did not notice the difference.

Is it hard to be Jelena Dokic?


Have you ever wished to be regular girl- to go to university, go to nightclubs?

Maybe sometimes but I picked tennis and I knew whatís going to be like.    

How much has tennis taken from your youth and how much has it given?

Tennis has given me lot and taken lot from me. It depends from which angle you are watching. There is great difference between regular person and person who play tennis.

 Do you have friends and time for hanging out with them?

I donít have a lot of friends. Sometimes we are hanging out during the tournaments. I travel from 10 to 12 moths. I am changing place very often. But that is my choice and prize of success.

You have house in Florida and you live like nomad? You travel from one town to another, from one hotel to another. How do you maintain that?

I used to that. I live that rhythm for last five years. Everyone who plays tennis must get used to it. You must be strong psychologically.

Everybody ask you about boyfriend. Do you have time for love?

No, So far. I already told you that I travel 10 months and my boyfriend must be the right one.

With you there is one of the parents always. Who is better?

Family means lot to me. I would not do anything without of their support. My father Damir has greatest authority in tennis and my mother Ljiljana is same like every other mother.

You have been in Belgrade for few days?

That time went so fast. It was fantastic. I also trained here and I have done some jobs.

You said that you would come (to Yugoslavia) again in November?

Yes because I would like to have some rest, I want to run from tennis and medias. No hard fillings but next time when I came here I shall make sure that nobody knows where I am going to have vacation. I shall meet some our writers. I adore to read poetry and prose.

(About Burek- Serbian special dish) I could not resist that specialty of our national kitchen in Belgrade.  I found one bakery and burek is much better here than in Sidney.

Her parents and brother Sava are her strongest support. But when she step out on the court she is alone. What do you think in critical moments and what do you use to make yourself feel better?

I think only about the match. I enter every match with positive thoughts and I never think that I will lose some match.

Are you superstitious?

No I am not. 

EXCLUSIVE: Best Yugoslav tennis player arrived in Belgrade to extend visa

from Austrian  - Serbian newspaper

Dokic: I am on the right way

Belgrade- Jelena Dokic who is Yugoslav tennis queen, arrived in Belgrade. She came together with her mother Ljilja (Ljiljana) to extend visa so she can continue her furious crusade toward top of tennis world. Jelena Dokic will play in Zurich 17th October for her next title. When we spoke with her about two years ago she told us that she has a goal to enter top 15 players in the world. After she won the tournament in Moscow where she was better than home-crowd-favorite Elena Dementieva, Dokic entered top ten.

I came to Belgrade, to extend visa for future competitions. I entered top ten, but our people are great and they want only the top. I followed matches of Yugoslavian champions- water polo players, basketball players, and volleyball players. Therefore I realized that I must chase only first place so I can be on the level of most successful sport nation in the world. I am very sorry that I will not be able to enjoy in beauties  of Belgrade, but I will find time for that in the future. At a present it is most important for me to continue with good matches and victories so I can go further toward top in the list of best tennis players in the world.

You won the finale match against Elena Dementieva and her home-crowd in Moscow without any problems?

Elena Dementieva will make great success in the future. I knew that her crowd would cheer aggressively until she starts to lose. That is characteristic of crowd in Moscow and we (Serbians) are different from them. I followed matches of Janko Tipsarevic in Davis cup and I admired support of our crowd until last moment of the match. I have a dream to play in front my home crowd in Yugoslavia.

What are your future plans?

I already answered that question. People in our country push our sportsman and sportswoman to the top with their fantastic support. I need much more effort in order to get to the top, but I think that I am on the right way to do that- said Jelena Dokic.


Rogers AT&T Cup - Press Conferences 


TOUR OFFICIAL: Questions for Jelena, please. 

REPORTER: Congratulations on winning, Jelena. How do you explain the momentum change? It looked for a time as if you were going to lose and you didn't look as if you would be winning tonight. All of a sudden the momentum changed late in the second set.

 JELENA DOKIC Well, I think I had a lot of chances in the first set. And I think that was -- I think I was very mentally down after that. And at 4-2 I just, you know, tried to hold my serve, then I did. And then I broke her. I think I just tried to go point by point and I was lucky. I think that's the only thing that explains it tonight. And after 5-all to hold my serve and break her on that double fault was crucial. And that decided the third set, I think. 

REPORTER: Hi Jelena. First of all, congratulations from the Serbian community. I want to continue the questioning. Can you tell me exactly what was the key moment that brought you back in the game? I mean, you were struggling in the first set and then suddenly, you came back. 

JELENA DOKIC I think at 4-2, when it was 4-2, that first point on my serve, I played a really great point to pass her when she came in. Won that game easily. And then she served well, but I got a lot of returns back at 4-3. And I think that was the key. When I broke at 4-3, everything sort of changed. And she still played well in the second set, but I lifted my game. And I think that was -- that was the key. And I was very lucky. REPORTER: You seemed to have a a lot of problems with your second serve. Was there anything specific? 

JELENA DOKIC No, I think she puts a lot of pressure on you, because she hits quite well, especially her returns. You sort of feel you have to go for a lot more. And I think my ball toss was everywhere and a little bit low. That was it pretty much. It got -- there were times when it was good, there were times when it wasn't so good. I think it's the concentration also a little bit. But I'm not worried about that. Work on that a little bit. And I think my game was a lot better than I thought it would be tonight. 

REPORTER: You know her from juniors. Did you sense her frustration, were you feeding off her frustration after you went up, well, got to 4-3? 

JELENA DOKIC I think -- no, you know, I think it was different. I don't think we were looking at each other very much. We know each other. We've played each other before. We're both very competitive. And, you know, I think she was very frustrated when she lost her serve at 4-3, especially to lose the set on a double fault. I think that was crucial and maybe that decided the match. 

REPORTER: How are things going with your father? Have things calmed down on the tour in terms of all of the talk? 

JELENA DOKIC Yeah, I think the situation has been really good this year. He's been on quite a few tournaments this year. He's back at home now, in Florida. So, you know, I think he will be back at the U.S. Open again. And, you know, it's been really good. I've never had any problems and I've always said that. There was a lot of talk before and I can't help that. Things have been really good this year. 

REPORTER: So he's not here? 


REPORTER: How confident are you after this victory? 

JELENA DOKIC You know, again, I sort of think I played quite well. And I think this was going to be a very tough match for me. I think out of all the seeds, and all the players, I think she's the toughest to play in the first round. You know, I think the next one will be tough, but maybe a little bit easier than today. I was very down today. And, you know, I nearly lost that match. And to come back and win it is -- it gives you a lot of confidence. 

TOUR OFFICIAL: Any other questions? 

REPORTER: Who was with you in the box? 

JELENA DOKIC My mom and my fitness trainer. 

REPORTER: Do we know who you're playing next? 

JELENA DOKIC Magui Serna. 

REPORTER: What do you expect from her? 

JELENA DOKIC Like I said, it will be a tough match, but maybe a little bit easier than today. It's a different player all together. She's a left-hander. And hits the ball, you know, hard and clean. I played her before. I think Wimbledon last year and had a win there. So, you know, again, it's a very tough match. And a dangerous one for me if I don't play well. And, you know, again, I'm just going to have to go out there and do my best. 

REPORTER: Jelena, you won -- sorry, you got to the semis of Wimbledon a few years ago. I'm wondering if you have expectations to get to a Grand Slam final one day and do you think that day is soon coming? 

JELENA DOKIC I hope so. You know, I think Grand Slams are very special. I think you get a -- that's where everything comes together and that's where you have to play well. You know, I think I'm getting up there and my game's getting up there. It's very tough. There are so many good players right now. The top ten is just so close. And, you know, it's anyone's tournament. We've seen that in the last few Grand Slams. We've had different players in the final all the time. You know, there are a few older players that might go out in a few years and there are some younger ones coming through. But, you know, it's not -- it's an aim for me, but not right now. I think to improve my game is the most important thing right now. 

TOUR OFFICIAL: Thank you. 

Copyright 2000 Tennis Canada. All Rights Reserved.


US open 2001 fourth round

J. DOKIC/A. Sanchez-Vicario
6-4, 7-5

Q. Can you kind of assess how you felt you played out there, whether you're happy with your performance?
JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, definitely to beat Arantxa in two sets is great for me - at a Grand Slam, too. You know, I stuck in there. I didn't play well at all times, but I played the important points well and I took my chances.
I had a little lapse there at 3-All in the second. Overall, I think I played well.

Q. That lapse in the second set, what were you having to tell yourself to get out of it?
JELENA DOKIC: I was 5-3 down, Love-30 on my serve. I just tried to go a point at a time and try to win my serve there, then just really concentrate on trying to break her serve. And that's what happened. From there on, you know, my confidence grew and I started to play well again.

Q. How important was it to beat her earlier this year in Hamburg?
JELENA DOKIC: Very important. I beat her there on clay. It was really heavy, very heavy conditions. To beat her on clay was a very good win for me because that's her favorite surface - it's not my favorite. On hard court, it was a little bit easier.

Q. Did you have a particular strategy going into the match, since she is such a veteran here at The Open?
JELENA DOKIC: No. Like I said, she probably isn't at her best right now, but she still played very well today. Last couple weeks, this is the best I've seen her play. She came out, gave it her all. I just said to myself, you know, not to make too many errors but still be aggressive. It's hard to do that, but I try to do that. Maybe attack her forehand a little bit more. I think her backhand has a lot more pace on it. She dictates the point a lot more with her backhand. I had to kind of mix it up, just see what happens.

Q. Can you talk about playing Hingis?
JELENA DOKIC: You know, I think we've played a few times. I'm actually looking forward to that. I haven't played her in a long time. This year has been different for me. You know, she had a tough match today, nearly lost. But still, you know, she comes out, she came out at the end and won. You know, I actually wanted her to win. I wanted to play her again.
You know, I've got nothing to lose. There's a lot of pressure on her, I think. You know, I'm just going to go out there and do the same as I did today.

Q. Why did you want to play her?
JELENA DOKIC: You know, I think to try and play her again. I haven't played her in a long time. To play her again at a Grand Slam, you know, would just be a good experience for me, just try and, you know, do my best and maybe get a win, just see, you know, where I'm at and how I'm playing right now.

Q. She hasn't had a great six months or so for a world's No. 1, struggled today. Do you think she's a little vulnerable at the moment? Do you think this is a big opportunity for you at a Grand Slam?
JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. But I think she's still No. 1 and she's a champion. It's never over with her. And she comes out, you know, in matches when she's playing bad and wins. I wouldn't take it as an easy match. She hasn't been playing very well this year and I'm still surprised that she's still No. 1. But she's still one of the best players out there.

Q. How was your health today? You said Monday night you weren't feeling to well.
JELENA DOKIC: I was fine today. I knew it was going to be tough, a lot of rallies, a lot of running. That's what it was. You know, I'm glad it didn't go into a third. But even if it did, I would have felt pretty good. It was hot and humid out there today. I'm happy with the way I handled the long rallies, the way I played.

Q. Will your dad be here at some stage of the tournament?

Q. Do you talk to him over the phone?

Q. You obviously have the strokes to keep up with Hingis. How much of the match is going to be mental for you?
JELENA DOKIC: Pretty much all of it, I think. You know, I can play with her from the baseline. She's not going to blow me off the court, and she doesn't have a big serve. You know, I hit harder than she does. You know, I have the game to stay out there with her.
It's just going to be a matter of who's better prepared. It will be a very mental match, I think. There's nothing -- I don't think there will be anything else in it.

Q. Are you going to play her more or less like you played Arantxa?
JELENA DOKIC: Again, I have to try not to make errors. I've got to try and make her -- if she's going to win, make her win the match. Pretty much, you know, I was happy with how I hung in there today, just didn't make errors and really dug down deep when I needed to. I had everything there working for me. So hopefully it will be like that against Martina also.

Q. How can you assess your draw this year?
JELENA DOKIC: I haven't looked at the draw this year. I don't think there's anything to assess. I think you have to go match by match. I think I had one of the tougher third rounds today than, you know, a lot of the other matches. It's Martina in the fourth round. I don't think you can assess anything. You've got to go match by match. If I get through each one, you concentrate on the next match.
I honestly haven't looked at it. Really doesn't bother me.

Q. Are you more confident now than at any time this summer, past the loss at Roland Garros?
JELENA DOKIC: Probably, yeah. I played very well during the clay court season. I had a little letdown there at the French. That was very mental for me. I knew I had a chance there. I didn't take it. You know, you've got to get past that. That was just an experience for me. Hopefully I'll learn from that.
But since then, you know, I think this is the best that I've played. You know, I feel very good when I get out on the court. I've played a lot of matches, singles and doubles. I feel good.

Q. How disappointed are you in the Grand Slam results you had so far this year?
JELENA DOKIC: Not really. I had a tough first round at the Aussie Open. Again, I had a chance there, but I lost to the defending champion, to one of the best players right now, one of the best players on hard court also. Just a little letdown at the French, that's it. Wimbledon I think I played well, and lost to Lindsay again.
I think probably I didn't do as well as I wanted to at the Grand Slams, but it's something I think that will come. You know, the more you're seeded at Grand Slams and tournaments, I think the better it will be.

FastScripts (by ASAP Sports)


US OPEN 2001
September 2, 2001

M. HINGIS/J. Dokic  6-4, 6-0

An interview with: JELENA DOKIC

MODERATOR: Questions for Jelena. 

Q. At Love-3, could you explain what you think sort of happened? 

JELENA DOKIC: I don't know. I just lost my concentration a little bit. I just 
started to miss a little bit more. I was going for a little bit too much. You 
know, I didn't expect her to play as well as she did. She actually, you know, 
played well. I didn't break her there at 3-2, and I had a couple breakpoints. 
Mentally, I went down and lost my serve. That's where everything went down the 
hill after that. 

Q. How frustrated were you by that first set result? 

JELENA DOKIC: I mean it was mentally very -- I mean, especially having 3-Love, a 
break up. You know, even though I lost my serve at 3-1, I still had chances at 
3-2. I was unlucky to lose that game. That's where I went down. You know, even 
though I lost the first set, though, I sort of tried to regroup. I just, again, 
went for too much, and she didn't miss. 

Q. To lose a love set there in the second set, is this going to be a loss which 
is going to be difficult for you to get over or won't it be a setback for you?

JELENA DOKIC: It won't be a setback. I'll be thinking about it. It's never good 
to lose. But, you know, I lost to the No. 1 player in the world. You know, I had 
a close first set. But, you know, it's just something I have to learn from and 
have to try and improve on next time. You know, it won't be a huge setback, but 
I'm definitely disappointed. 

Q. What is your schedule for the rest of the year? How many tournaments are you 
going to play?

JELENA DOKIC: I'm playing some in Europe. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do. 
Maybe take some time off because I've been playing quite a few tournaments. I'll 

Q. Are you a little jaded? Have you played too much?

JELENA DOKIC: No. I think it's my first year full-time. I'm not really 
(inaudible) yet. I like playing a lot of matches, so it's not a problem for me. 
I think sometimes you just need a break. Physically and mentally I'm a little 
bit, you know, feeling it right now. So maybe a week or two won't hurt.

Q. There's a feeling about Martina that the game has gotten a little too big for 
her, that to win a Slam again, she's going to have to get by too many big 
hitters. Do you believe that or do you think she can win again, a Slam?

JELENA DOKIC: You know, it's very difficult. She has the game. It's just a 
matter of, you know, she struggles with the big hitters, she struggles beating 
them, beating two or three of them in a row. That's a big task to beat maybe one 
Williams sister, then two, then maybe Lindsay and maybe Jennifer. You know, it's 
something that she's struggling with right now. You know, she's won Slams 
before. I definitely think she has a chance. You can never count her out. But 
it's getting tougher for her. You know, it's just a matter of she hasn't been 
playing that well. You know, I think, I felt like today she did play well. But I 
think she'll probably still struggle against the bigger hitters.

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