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Date Headline Author Update
02.09.2001 COMING SOON Ljubisa B.
01.09.2001 COMING SOON Ljubisa B.



Date Headline Author Update
30.08.2001 Serve was on Jelena's side this time  Ljubisa B.
28.08.2001 First round win in New York Ljubisa B.
27.08.2001 US open 2001 Ljubisa B.  
26.08.2001 Jelena and Petrova into finals Ljubisa B.      
24.08.2001 Dokic lost match against the best player on the tour   Ljubisa B.  
23.08.2001 It is time for show Ljubisa B.
21.08.2001 Dementieva on her knees  Milan
19.08.2001 Pilot pen tennis tournament is the last warm up Ljubisa B.
18.08.2001 The best practice for the US Open Milan
17.08.2001 The smell of victory lurks in the air Olly    
16.08.2001 Match delayed because of rain Milan    
15.08.2001 Jelena demolished Serna Milan
14.08.2001 After awesome win Jelena is headed toward trophy Milan  
13.08.2001 Practice before show time  Milan      
13.08.2001 Her hair like fire dancing in the night  Olly    
12.08.2001  Next challenge is Nadia Petrova, Toronto, Canada Ljubisa B.
10.08.2001 Third round thriller on center court  Ljubisa B.  
07.08.2001 Good start yesterday in L.A. Ljubisa B.    
06.08.2001 Estyle open, Los Angeles preview Ljubisa B.  


Working out with... Jelena Dokic Ljubisa B.      
03.08.2001 Acura Tennis Classic dream is over Ljubisa B.    
02.08.2001 Hopefully Sententious match at Acura classic Ljubisa B.    
01.08.2001 Second round classic job in San Diego Ljubisa B.  



Date Headline Author Update
30.07.2001 New rankings and tour details just out Ljubisa B.      
29.07.2001 Acura Classic, San Diego, USA next on JD schedule Ljubisa B.  
28.07.2001 Bad day in Sopot for Dokic Ljubisa B.    
27.07.2001 No illusions have been left for Diaz Oliva  Ljubisa B.
26.07.2001 From the start of the match Yugoslav has shown superiority Ljubisa B.
25.07.2001 Fantastic win over 57th in the world Italian Tathiana Garbin Ljubisa B.  
24.07.2001 Dokic is 3rd seeded at Prokom open in Poland Ljubisa B.
22.07.2001 Both Jelena and Kim are out off the Sanex trophy in Belgium Ljubisa B.  
20.07.2001 Wining in doubles should be great practice for Poland Ljubisa B.    
17 .07.2001 Jelena has been surprisingly upset by Chladkova Ljubisa B.    
13.07.2001 This time Jelena did not have enough concentration Ljubisa B.  
12.07.2001 Dokic - Kosanic match was interrupted Ljubisa B.      
11.07.2001 Jelena's singles match in Austria should be easy job Ljubisa B.  
10.07.2001 Dokic is down on WTA tour list Ljubisa B.      
09.07.2001 Dokic will face Nicole Remis or a qualifier  Ljubisa B.      
08.07.2001 Some details of UNQA Grand Prix 2001 tournament Ljubisa B.    
07.07.2001 Jeca prepares her self for Vienna tournament  Ljubisa B.      
06.07.2001 Two great matches wowed crowd in Wimbledon center court Ljubisa B.    
05.07.2001 Jelena lost two matches both in doubles and mixed doubles  Ljubisa B.    
04.07.2001 Doubles match will be continued  today  Ljubisa B.    
04.07.2001 Jelena did new promoting camping  Ljubisa B.      
03.07.2001 Jelena is out of Wimbledon Ljubisa B.  
02.07.2001 Great Wimbledon match and Jelena is on the road Ljubisa B.  



Date Headline Author Update
29.06.2001 This page have experienced some difficulties Ljubisa B.
28.06.2001 Fantastic win over Jennifer Hopkins of America Ljubisa B.    
27.06.2001 Jeca with Conchita Martinez won match in doubles Ljubisa B.      
26.06.2001 Jelena defeats Rossana De Los Rios Ljubisa B.    
25.06.2001 Wimbledon starts today Ljubisa B.    
24.06.2001 Vojislav Kostunica coming to Wimbledon Ljubisa B.      
23.06.2001 Tempo magazine published pre Wimbledon report Ljubisa B.    
22.06.2001 Dokic lost from Kim both in singles and doubles Ljubisa B.      
21.06.2001 Jelena showed good performances at Heineken cup Ljubisa B.      

Linsday Davenport in 4th round of the Wimbledon

Ljubisa B.      

Jelena defeated Mariana Diaz-Oliva

Ljubisa B.    

Dokic lost in 2nd round in Edinburgh 

Ljubisa B.      

Special reward for Jeca from Writers association

Ljubisa B.      

Jelena and Conchita out of power at Roland Garros

Ljubisa B.    


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